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Our love for the garlic bulb starts with the care we take in selecting the soil in the Beemster polder. Fresh garlic is grown more sustainably than dried garlic, as the growing period is shorter: the bulb is harvested while it is still young, vigorous and healthy. It’s a pure product!

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Fresh garlic

The garlic is processed immediately after the harvest or stored in cool warehouses. Fresh Beemster garlic has a mild, refreshing flavour and is unique in its kind. These glorious white bulbs from the Beemster polder have green stems and are rich in flavour.

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A convenient solution

The authentic taste of garlic is available as a chilled, convenient product.

Besides the fresh bulbs, Beemster Garlic is also available as a puree by Bresc, the chilled garlic and herb specialist.

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Tuesday 14 November 2017

With the aid of planting machine, our garlic was carefully settled into the soil in late October. This Beemster garlic will be harvested in late June or early July, just as it is every year.

And so fresh garlic from the Beemster Polder will be available this year too. The Noord-Holland region of Beemster, which is one of Europe’s special cultivation areas, is becoming a firm favourite among suppliers, traders and retailers following the demand of the current garlic market. The heavy Beemster clay soil, rich in minerals, is renowned for its vitality, which it passes onto the garlic bulbs, producing a vigorous, healthy product with an exceptional flavour.

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Tuesday 15 August 2017

As from today, Beemster Garlic is the first Dutch garlic grower with the eco-label ‘Milieukeur: PlanetProof’ certification, issued by SMK (Stichting Milieu Keur)! The award of this environmental label means that Beemster Garlic complies with the standards for more sustainable products and services. Milieukeur is based on a comprehensive strategy for making products and services more sustainable, including a balanced assessment of the various themes related to sustainability. The criteria for Milieukeur cover the entire life-cycle of a product or service. In Beemster’s case, it applies from the moment the seed materials are purchased right up to the harvest of the fresh bulbs and everything in between.

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Monday 10 July 2017

It’s a fact that every grower knows only too well: harvest time is the busiest time of the year. Everyone eagerly looks forward to the harvest from the moment the young plants are planted in the soil. The special Beemster bulbs with their distinctive, mild flavour and fresh appearance can only be processed while fresh! These characteristic qualities explain the extreme popularity of these snow-white bulbs with their bright green stalks. With the help of special storage technology, the bulbs are kept fresh for as long as possible, which means that they are available as fresh products for an extra long time.

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Beemster Garlic

Our love for the garlic bulb starts with the care we take in selecting the soil in the Beemster polder, which invigorates our bulbs, giving our fresh garlic an unparalleled, pure flavour.

We distribute and promote our garlic to wholesalers on the European market via the growers’ association Best of Four. 

Pure flavour

Unique in its kind






7 - 9 February 2018

Berlijn (DE)