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Beemster receives the Milieukeur label too now PlanetProof

Tuesday 15 August 2017

As from today, Beemster Garlic is the first Dutch garlic grower with the eco-label ‘Milieukeur: PlanetProof’ certification, issued by SMK (Stichting Milieu Keur)! The award of this environmental label means that Beemster Garlic complies with the standards for more sustainable products and services. Milieukeur is based on a comprehensive strategy for making products and services more sustainable, including a balanced assessment of the various themes related to sustainability. The criteria for Milieukeur cover the entire life-cycle of a product or service. In Beemster’s case, it applies from the moment the seed materials are purchased right up to the harvest of the fresh bulbs and everything in between.

A number of sustainability-related themes included in the environmental label are: employment conditions, raw materials, packaging, soil fertility, biodiversity, healthy crops, the natural environment and the landscape. Here at Beemster Garlic, we are incredibly proud of this development – it’s an innovation in garlic cultivation. Working with SMK, we set out the guidelines for such things as the sustainability-related themes mentioned above, making it easier for other growers to join us in growing garlic more sustainably.

Consequently, we can stimulate the use of our special Beemster Polder. We want to take good care of this national heritage site and that is why we asked SMK to help us and to become our partner in sustainability.

For more information about SMK, please visit www.smk.nl.

Beemster: Planet approved! 

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