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We are members of Best of Four Growers’ Association.
Our company is a member of Best of Four Growers’ Association (without reserve liability), which has been approved by GMO (COM). The cooperative growers’ association Best of Four offers trading houses, here in the Netherlands and abroad, a wide and high-quality assorttment of fruit, field vegetables and produce grown under glass. By merging the product range supplied by more than 180 growers, this association can meet almost every demand from the market and consequently creates a strong sellers’ position for all the growers affiliated with Best of Four.

The sales are conducted by Best of Four growers’ association and Best of Four draws up the agreements between the buyers and the growers. As Best of Four also focuses on keeping the logistic lines as short as possible, buyers can collect the products directly from our location.
For more information, please contact Best of Four http://www.bestoffour.nl/.

Best of Four
Handelscentrum ZHZ 40d
2991 LD Barendrecht
The Netherlands


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